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* 2 : 1 hit ratio

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Autosurf Hyip
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* 1% for 200 days

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* 1.4% for 130 days

* 1.3% for 130 days

* 1.6% for 110 days

* 1.5% for 110 days

* 1.8% for 90 days

* 1.7% for 90 days

* 2% for 75 days

* 1.9% for 75 days

Payments: Expire

* 2.4% for 60 days

* 2.3% for 60 days

* 2.8% for 45 days

* 2.7% for 45 days

* 3.8% for 30 days

* 3.7% for 30 days

* 7% for 15 days

* 6.9% for 15 days

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