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An Advertising/Traffic Exchange Program with Longevity!"

“Advertise Your Product, Program, Opportunity, Or Website!
Up to 150% Rebates On Your Advertising Dollars Spent may be

returned in Rebates when extra funds are Available!
Earn Up To 10% Referral Commissions on Purchases!”
# It only takes 5 Easy Steps to use our Program: Sign Up! (It only

takes a few minutes.)
# Make Your Ad Purchase! (Purchase as often as you like.)
# Place Your Ad! (You choose what kind of Ad.)
# Collect Your Rebates! (You can collect weekly.)
# Plus: Only View 15 Advertisers Sites per day in our Ad-Viewer

Program Details
Ad-Pack Rebates.
When you buy Ad-Packs we will give you a daily rebate as a bonus

or perk. This is added to your account daily after you have viewed

15 Advertisers Sites per Day. Rebates for viewing Advertisers

Sites are a perk and are never guaranteed. We are an Advertising

Site and this is what you are buying! You can earn on all your

Ad-Packs for a maximum of 75 days at the rate of 2% per day. Up to

150% Rebates On Your Advertising Dollars Spent may be returned in

10% of Referral Commissions.
We offer a total of 10% Referral Commissions. All Ad-Packs

purchased qualify for commissions.
Random Referrals given.
Members that signup without a Referral ID are automatically placed

under another random Member.
Weekly Rebates.
Rebates are transferred over to our Rebate Manangement Site and

managed from there. We make Rebate Payments on a weekly basis thru

our Rebate Management Site as funds are available. We offer a

variety of Payment Options.
Advertising Options and Credits.
For every $1 you purchase in Ad-Packs, you will get 100 credits

that you can use as Paid to Click, Banner Ads, and/or in our

Ad-Viewer. You will also earn additional credits when viewing Ads

in our Ad-Viewer.
Premium Advertising Section.
Each week new Ads are shown in our Premium Ad Section. Members

must view 5 Premium Ads daily before their minimum requirement of

15 Autosurf Views.
Safety and Security Features.
We go above and beyound to make sure our site and funds are

secure. We run on a Dedicated Server with DDOS Protection. We do

regular backups of our databases. Funds are moved and kept in

reliable locations. We run secure and reliable scripts.
Latest News and Updates.
We will keep you up to date on a regular basis on news that is

happening on our site. We will also provide you with other news

going on in the industry.
New Feature and Improvements.

We are constantly coming up with ways to improve our program and

site. Input from our Members is important to us as well.
Support Features.

We offer several ways to get support from us. We work hard to have

your questions or problems solved within a 24 hour period. Usually

it's within a few hours.

For more information, visit

NextGenSurf : Welcome to NextGenSurf!

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