What is taladtraffic? Taladtraffic is a paid traffic exchange

program designed to help you earn some cash and increase traffic to

your website. By viewing just 13 sites a day through our surfbar,

you will be given the opportunity to earn 13% of your Advertising

Purchases for 9 days. Your Advertising Purchases will also enable

your own website to be seen by potentially thousands of others.

How does it work?

Sign up now. Once you have joined us all you need to do is log into

your account, click on the surf button, and sit back and watch.

Once you have viewed 13 sites, you will be credited with 13% of

your account level. You can also choose to upgrade your account to

earn more. You can earn up to $390 a day, depending on your account

level. Your actual profit will be 17%, in just 9 surfing days!

No time to surf?

That's okay! Simply buy taladtraffic credits and advertise your

sites, easy as can be!

Huge referral commissions!

We reward all members with a small bonus for bringing us new

customers who buy our “advertising units”. All members have their

own referral link which they can use to bring new customers to

taladtraffic. Members promoting our business can earn 5% of the

total cost of “advertising units” their referral purchase.

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