About Our Products
Welcome to giantsurfs.com. Giantsurfs is is a paid autosurf program. Our program is designed specially for members who seek a more realistic, stable returns from their upgrades and advertisers who wish to gain a highly responsive audience to their sites. If you are one of them, you've come to the right place! Our goal is to help you make money online.We offer many products and serveices to help you do just that. We have found the way to maximize your online earnings while minimizing your efforts. You don't have to surf all day or wait months to see a payment. That means that you'll have: more cash on hand that you can 'take to the bank' or invest in other programs. and more free time to build your online businesses.
We accept both free and paid members. Free members are able to generate free credits to have their websites shown to other members to help increase their sales. Paid memberships also get their advertisements shown to members but they also earn money for each day they surf in the exchange. Paid members get paid for the days they surf.
Getting Started is Easy. Just Register with us, then log in, click on 'Start Surfing' and began Receiving Site Hits from all over the Globe. SignUp at giantsurfs and we will give you 100 Advertising credits to advertise your own site Free! You can join us as a free Member and Advertise three WebSite and it will be viewed by other persons. Or you can Join us as an upgraded member and buy a Advertising Package and list up to Five WebSites. in addition, We pay you to view websites and online content specifically targeted to web promotion professionals like you! It's a very simple concept, you purchase advertising for your website, and then we pay you to view the advertising of our other members. It's like a traffic exchange.
There are many ways we make money, from paid advertisers, to Forex (foreign exchange) trading to playing the odds. We are targeting as one of the best autosurf sites on the market in near future. Do not hesitate to contact us! We are here for You, and we are always happy to help you!

Program Plans

Free Members
+1:1 Surf ratio
+Earn 13 daily for 10 days
+50 FREE credits
+$2 per upgrade
+1 site to advertise
+25 seconds surf timer
+Referral Credits bonuses
+2% Referral Commission
+Minimum payout $0.01

Upgraded Members
+1:1 Surf ratio
+13% daily for 10 days
+$2 per upgrade
+8% referral commission
+Surf 5 sites to earn
+3 sites to advertise
+25 seconds surf timer
+Minimum payout $0.01
+payments made within 48 hours

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