What if I tell you...
...that coming out of the face of death
can inspire people?
Hey!Thanks for opening up this page,
I was listening to an Inner Circle
audio just yesterday, and I heard
Erica talking for the very time....
Se was sharing her story
of almost being sick, selling Art and Craft stuff
for 8-10% commissions, she had to be
on the cruise all the time along
with her husband she she could not
get the proper food, and the diet.
This made her weaker and weaker
everyday, so much so, they she had to quit
working like this in the sea all the time...
How would you feel, if you re caught up
into something, you cannot escape,
you have to force yourself to do it,
even it it leads to death!
Painful, isn't it...It was for Erica too, she
had to option but to return back home
and do something else...
And then the tough time followed,
no money, she was struggling to pay her bill
and even make a decent living!
I thought, this is the way most people
live in today's world, caught up in the
rat race, where they just have to work
for money, no matter what...
And THEN it happened....Erica went online and searched obviously
what most people google about...
How to make money online?One search lead to another, and then to another...
and she finally stumbled upon this image if this couple,
Justin adn D verrengia, Empower Network eventJustin and D Verrangia,
who are now Millionaires on the internet...
ANd she was like...OH MY GOD! What the Hell!She did some more research and found this video,
which changed her life, radically...
In this video, she saw exactly how Justin and D,
a normal average couple just like she and her husband...
went from virtually being broke to achieving
financial freedom!
Not only did this video shared the story
of Justin and D, it also taught her how to
replicate the process so that she can get the
same results...
And then, BOOM!She decided to take action, and did exactly
as they told her to do in this video,
She almost forgot the PAIN she had
and the past sufferings, and hey, look at the
pic down below, last year in the Empower Network
event, she was on stage...
...inspiring people
...telling them how she reached to $10,000/Month
in about 4 months...

Imagine what Erica's life would be,
had she not taken that one decision
of clicking here and watching this video
She almost made the decision...
and decided that she's gonna do
to make it happen!
Success is really just a decision away...
What do you think?
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