Victron Energy is a premier fuel distributor in the state of Texas. They also own and lease a number of successful fuel service stations and convenience stores. They co-brand with major food franchises such as McDonalds. Jack in the Box and franchisees of restaurants like Subway, Pizza Inn, Sonic, Denny’s and Church’s Chicken. They also co-brand with car washes, oil and lube centers, Texas Souvenir gift shops and their famous signature jerky and BBQ.

One of their portfolios includes Texas Best Smokehouse #4, located at Midlothian, Texas. This store exhibits different lines of Texas products ranging from snacks to coffee to clothing. A Pistols and Pearls is also located at this site. A wide variety of fine western wear and accessories, including cowboy boots, hats, belts, buckles, jeans and shirts are offered by Pistols and Pearls. One can also find the Texas Best Smokehouse signature spices, canned delicacies, and original and exotic game jerky. The features of this store include 16 MPDS, fresh coffee, gift shop, Smokehouse BBQ, Pistols and Pearls and Sonic.

Tiger Farms Market offers a wide variety of healthy sandwiches and salads as well as burgers. They also offer some of the finest produce in town. They also have an impeccable quality control. Their produce is inspected several times a day to ensure that the customer gets the highest quality available. They also have a huge selection of organic fruits and vegetables. An extensive section of their facility is dedicated to vitamins and whole foods. A huge selection of herbal teas and gourmet coffee are also offered. Their features include Kolache Depot bakery, 20 MPDS, fresh coffee and produce market.

ali sharaf, the President and CEO of the Victron group, has contributed immensely to the success of the group.