News On Renewable Energy resources is gaining a lot of prominence these days. Both private and government agencies are trying their best to find and use the most lucrative renewable energy resource. Have you ever thought about the most convenient renewable energy resource?

The best and the most convenient among the renewable energy resources are solar energy and wind energy. Both these energy resources can easily manage in providing enough energy for worldwide consumption.

Let us consider solar energy first. Here are a few advantages of solar energy, over the other energy resources.

1. You don’t require any specific fuel.

2. This energy usage does not release any harmful pollutants.

3. Solar energy is one of the cost effective modes of renewable energy.

The price of solar energy has decreased with the advancement of newer technologies. The efficiency is also much higher when compared to other renewable energy resources.

Unlike the other energy resources, solar energy is available 24/7, without any break.

Another important energy resource is wind energy. Like solar energy, wind energy is also one of the lucrative alternative energy resources. Here are a few advantages of wind energy, over the other energy resources.

The prices of wind turbines may vary according to various factors like size of the wind farm and location, as these directly influence the cost of installation and wind speed.

But when considered in general terms

If the farm is bigger the production cost would be usually cheaper and if the wind is faster the production cost becomes cheaper.

Wind turbines are lucrative than any other alternative energy resource as

1. It does not require fuel
2. It helps a lot in green house gases elimination
3. It is low-priced and efficient than any fossil fuel power plant

Imagine a proper combination of these two renewable energy resources. It would surely put an end to the present energy crisis.