Starting a daycare center is a feat in itself. Ensuring its success is another story

If you ask me how to start a successful daycare center, it involves a lot of creativity and passion for children’s education. Kids are naturally inquisitive. Their first few years should be supplemented with good learning techniques. A good daycare provides rich experiences, especially for a child ready to interact with other children, aged two and beyond. You can make activities more fun by field trips!

Involve them in the planning. This encourages them to interact and hones decision-making skills. You might even get some good suggestions. Discuss the plans to them. Once settled on an itinerary, describe the flow of the activity-where you are going, what they will see when they get there, and what to do. Prepare books, pictures and games for the big day.

Your itinerary depends on the number of children and their ages. Arrange for an assistant if needed.

1. You can visit the library and browse through books at the children section and have a reading session. Teach them how to check out books.

2. Try the supermarket, and let them name the fruits, vegetables and other objects.

3. Visit a farm. Wouldn’t it be exciting to pet and feed the animals? This is the best way to teach them about animals and responsibility.

4. Plan a trip to the museums-science, natural and history, limiting your spree at one or two exhibits a day. There’s the whole summer ahead.

At the end of each day, gather around and ask them about their experience, create stories and drawings. They can also write thank you letters to those who helped. The learning process is more fun and you ensure your way to start a successful daycare center.

5. Most communities have a science museum or a museum of natural history that even the youngest child in your care will enjoy. It is best not to attempt to see every exhibit on one day.. Stretch out your summer fun and make plans to return often and take your time looking around.

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