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So how to run a daycare business? You need the necessary supplies, furniture and equipment and a foolproof safety regimen.

1. Each child should have their own sleeping cot or bed. Portable cribs or pack n' plays are needed if there are infants or young toddlers.

2. High chairs and/or boaster seats are a necessity.

3. Donít forget toys to entertain them! Consider their safety and whether they are age-appropriate.

4. Classic staples such as blocks, rings and balls are a good choice.

5. Choose toys that encourage physical and mental development.

6. For play time, there should be space for general play, space for relaxation, and easily-cleaned space for art projects.

7. All activities need to be easily supervised. Outside there needs to be room to run and play, obviously, but also some space set aside for children who do not wish to be as active.

8. Safeguard all substances, equipment and objects that are dangerous for children.(e.g.-firearms and ammunition, cleaners, medication, alcohol, and matches and lighters). They should be out of sight, out of reach, or locked up.

9. Put outlet covers, cabinet locks for any cabinets they should not open.

10. Install a hard-wired smoke detector on each level of your home. Battery-powered detectors can be used as back-up, particularly right outside of bedrooms.

11. Ensure all fire extinguishers are functional and accessible to adults. Guidelines require one that is rated 2A:10BC. At least one fire extinguisher must be available in the house.

12. Ensure that you and all daycare providers CPR and First Aid certification.

The 12 pointers guides you as to how to run a daycare business ensuring safety and comfort of your charges. And donít forget, lots of love and patience will make you the best provider in town.

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