Someone asked me how to start a daycare at home, and how much work and finances it entails. As experts predict an increase in the demand for daycare, more are getting interested in the daycare business.

The most important years in a child's development are those from one to six, causing a demand from modern day parents for a structured pre-school education to ensure proper stimulation of the childísí mental faculties, A child aged two and beyond is ready to interact with other children and daycare provides rich experiences. Daycare centers promise a stable career. Interested to put up one? You can start at home with 5 basic steps.

1. Know existing laws and other regulations on home daycare. You will know how to start a daycare at home through these laws, - area requirements, meal schedules, activities, staffing requirements, and necessities that your home daycare must have.

2. Write a sound business plan. Consider the state laws and rules on child care to come up with details as to how you will comply with them. If possible, draft a feasibility study taking into account the demand, and the existing market competition.

3. Examine financing options. If you do not have enough money to start, find a lender.

4. Purchase supplies, furniture and equipment. Childproof your home. Be sure you have enough toys and play equipment for kids of all ages you will take in, dietary and hygiene essentials, and learning materials.

5. Train in first aid administration, CPR and other emergency procedures.

6. Advertise your day care facility. Distribute flyers, and pamphlets. Ensure posting of your ads. Plug your services in local radio and newspaper ads. These help bring in clients

Now that you have ideas on how to start a daycare at home, you are all set to secure your career but assure the kidsí bright future as well.

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