Cultural exchanges & Recommended cultural products
l Education & Training覧
Our Company offers various courses in language, art and culture. The languages we offer training in are Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Spanish, and various other languages. Our culture and art courses include: Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese dress making, Kung-fu, Tai chi, Traditional Chinese handicraft, Chinese cross-stitch, and various other art forms. With an excellent faculty, a first-class education model, flexible and diverse teaching methods, and a refined learning environment, our company has attracted many students. We offer our courses adjusted to the needs of the student. Our aim is to allow the student to master the knowledge of our traditional art and culture courses within a limited period of time.
l Cultural exchanges覧
Our company has established many offices in different countries including United States, France, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Every year, our company organizes various cultural, artistic, and educational exchange activities.We have organizedholiday visits and performances for students visiting at home and abroad and also for teacher groups, ethnic minority groups, academic groups, arts groups, musicand dance groups. They wereall showing their cultural characteristics in paintings, music, dance, drama and other cultural arts. Our company provides a communicative platform which canmake people from various cultures come closer together.
l Recommended cultural products
With our large cultural heritage, we offer a vast diversity in traditional cultural products. Our main product line includes: traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, embroidery and cross-stitch, etc. We can meet the needs of individuals and units. All of our traditional and contemporary Chinese cultural products are hand-made, of high quality, and truly emphasize the beauty and depth of Chinese culture.
l Information consultation覧
Our company is engaged in international education consultation, studies abroad, immigration consultation, advisory services and consulting services for all kinds of international business. We can make introductions and recommendations on your behalf. Our company has successfully transacted many related businesses, and fully obtains everyone's trust and has an excellent reputation.

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