A simple way to start a home cleaning business is with the use of a mop and a bucket; you can learn how to start a home cleaning business. However, many other people have mops and buckets, so in order to succeed; have a strategic planning, proper attention and good marketing of your service.

First, survey your territory. Is there a new development going up in your town? Promote you business. Start dropping business cards or distribute flyers in or on the mailboxes. Offer a move-in special for clients who happens to be your first customers. Have some marketing strategies like giving discounts for the third or fourth cleaning to encourage them to contact you every time they need to clean up their homes.

In order to save up gas and time when you will likely have customers spread out, try consolidating your area and arrange your route. Therefore, you must be very much familiar to your vicinity. This may save you a lot of money from transportation expenses. Are there apartment units or other neighborhoods around your vicinity where you can promote and market your business? Since using a home cleaning service is often considered a luxury, target neighborhoods that are more likely to have that type of disposable income such as exclusive villages and those who care to let others clean their homes.

Look for houses that are for sale. They need to be kept clean for showings, and could likely use your services. They may also need a move out cleaning. Also, you can contact new owners and suggest you continue cleaning the house. What a very simple and easy way to start a home cleaning business.

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