Entrepreneurial activities are the way to go. In these tough times when some are losing their jobs, itís a good thing that you can do your share by making a job for yourself and jobs for some of your friends. One way of making a job for yourself is to start your own house cleaning business. Thatís right, there is money in dirt. All you have to do is the motivation, the right tools and the right attitude in order to make your mark in this kind of business.

There are many things that this kind of business can offer. One is unlimited source of income for you. The amount of money that you will earn at the end of the year will depend on how industrious you are, and will depend on the number of customers you can gain. There are cleaning franchises that can be adopted, but this may not allow you to earn the money that you expect. This kind of business venture can be started with a small budget. Others may require having at least hundreds of thousands, but in this business a small amount can do wonders. So how do you earn your money in this kind of business? One is to make your business known. You can do this by running an ad in the papers or you can distribute flyers in the community. Talk to friends and share the word that you are in this kind of business. This will do if you have a large network that can pass the information. Or you can get listed on the yellow pages.

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