Fast food restaurants have been offering combination meals for a long time as one of their marketing strategies. This allows their customers to have a little bit of everything at the same time assuring sales for the company. Bundling their products assures these restaurants that their products donít just get stuck thus allowing stock turn over much faster.

The Benefits of Bundling for Your Cleaning Business

Bundling is a marketing strategy not only common to fast food chains. There are companies who bundle their services to attract consumers in to getting their services. Following such marketing strategy with your cleaning service can greatly boost your sales at the same time provide more customer service experience.

Business bundling can be really simple. You just need to find out what your customers really want. You can check your records regarding what are your popular services and not so popular. From there you can come up with different packages where a customer can experience the different services you offer in just one package at a lower cost.

With your cleaning service business there is a lot of potential for growth. Itís just a matter of tapping the market.

* You can increase your profit by up-selling products to your customers or add services to their routine maintenance.

* Customers will often go to companies who can provide them with added service. If you want to stay competitive itís not enough that you just provide your customers with that they need, you have to take that extra step and give them what they might want.

When you are trying to get new accounts it would be helpful to get a background of your potential clients cleaning habits and materials.

* You can offer to provide them not just the service but also cleaning supplies as well. You can put a 10 to 15 percent mark up on the prices of the supplies used and just bill them at the end of the service. Customers will be willing to pay a little extra for convenience. Not only did you get a little profit but you have also given satisfaction to your customer by providing them with their supply needs.

There are a lot of opportunities for you to bundle your cleaning services.
* You can bundle similar services like for example if your customer wants carpet cleaning for their living room, you can provide them with a package that would include not just carpet cleaning but also air-conditioning cleaning and other appliances in the living room. This way your customer will think that it would be good to take advantage of the package since it will cover more things rather that just carpet cleaning.

It all boils down to what cleaning services to bundle. Take note of the types of clients that you are currently providing services to and then see what other services you thing they might need.

Once you have all that you can start deciding what packages you will be creating for them. The end goal is you are able to add service to your customer at the same time getting more profit.

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