The most common feedback I get from cleaning business owners who are thinking of offering green cleaning services to their clients and customers is that people do not really care about green cleaning. All they actually care about is the price they ought to pay for such services.

I was reading an article last night from the Upsize Magazine, a Minneapolis and St. Paul business magazine. One of their articles was about Big Ink Display Graphics, a typical company. One of the company’s staff tried to get rid of as much waste as they could that they usually incur with their production and this act resulted to the conception of a “green team” composed of employees who searched for ways to reduce waste found in their own company.

This green initiative immediately spread to customers, vendors and everyone else and they eventually joined MN Waste Wise, is a member-supported, non profit affiliate program of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce.

If you are wondering what the whole point of sharing this story is, then here it is. This story made me think that various cleaning companies in the Twin Cities interested in providing customers with green cleaning services would definitely be attracted to Big Ink Display Graphics as their own potential client. Given the chance, I myself would immediately do my own research of the company and come up with a marketing plan consecutively.

Even if you do not live in the Twin Cities, there’s no need for you to worry. There are various articles written about various companies from all over the world who provide green cleaning services as part of the services that they offer when it comes to their cleaning business. It might be necessary for you to pay attention to those types of stories in order for you to be able to know and realize just how much impact it can provide your business with. Knowing this could also provide you with a much easier time when it comes to marketing your services and informing people just how advantageous and beneficial green cleaning service is to them and the whole environment.

Safety Measures for Green Cleaning and Janitorial Work

One of the topic discussed in a webinar focused on green cleaning that was organized by the Building Operating Management discussed the safety issues when it comes to janitorial safety.

Green cleaning is regarded to be a much easier and safer way of cleaning and providing such services to prospective clients. In fact, it is much safer especially to janitors who normally conduct the said type of green cleaning service.

Here is a list of some of the most common safety issues you have to take note of:

. Chemicals are the most common causes of injury when it comes to janitorial workers resulting to six out of 100 every year.

. Germicides and disinfectants are harmful to janitorial workers. Over a period of time these chemicals are absorbed into the skin and can be inhaled which is definitely not safe.

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