The Most Elegant Oracle Solution
I've been working on a smart contract theory for a little over a year. It's a way to harness market forces to drive the distribution of a new type of asset. That distribution can be harnessed for oracles and much more. It's very controversial, but the theory can technically work at any market cap, so I can't beg you enough but to participate humbly.
I live stream development every day.
I'm working on this project
This is something I've been passionately working on for a little over a year, but I'm willing to see it burst into flames. I honestly don't know why anyone hasn't tried this yet.
The source code for the core contract can be found here:
The source for the art & marketing wrapper contract can be found here:
To briefly describe the overall concept, it harnesses the "guarantee" of a pyramid model. AGAIN, THIS IS VERY CONTROVERSIAL. That guarantee being, "Most people lose in a pyramid scheme". By tracking these two variables on a participant's buy-in the smart contract can calculate a "loss & hold/credit multiplier" when applied to the token minting formula. [codeblock]Resolve Tokens Minted = input ETH * ( input ETH / output ETH ) * ( Relative Holding Time )[/codeblock]
Thanks. And again. I can't stress enough but to participate humbly as this truly is an honest research experiment.