What are some jobs that are likely to keep you poor?

Uber driver ó you beat up your own car for pretty much minimum wage. No room for advancement.

Waiter at a low-end chain restaurant. Youíll be treated like a number; sent home if itís slow.

Lose prime shifts if you ever call in sick. The chain will eventually go out of business and youíll have to start all over again at a new chain.

Social worker. This usually requires an advanced degree but the pay is poor and burnout high. Itís Godís work, but the job may kill your soul.

Sex industry worker. Does this need expounding upon? (EDIT: According to the comments, I guess it does. In short, there are no benefits in this field, no 401Ks, no longterm stability and a high chance that most money will be lost as a part of the porn lifestyle ó drugs, plastic surgery, etc.)

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-...-keep-you-poor

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