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    Default [My Journey With High Ticket Offers] How I Made $29,150 in two weeks

    Hi Guys
    I am Dave, I am an affiliate marketer and itís about time for me to share with you one of my campaigns, hoping to Help you, motivates you, and show you what is actually working and what is possible with high ticket offers.
    I started my affiliate journey 6 years ago, but in the first 3 years I was not having any success, trust me I am no different from you guys, I spend a lot of money on ads, online courses and lots and lots of time with 0 results.
    But in the last 3 years, I started having consistence success by using paid traffic correctly and a few marketing tools that I will mention in this post and trust me guys this is the best way and tools to have success with affiliate marketing.
    I will try to keep it short.

    1- The Offers and affiliate network.
    I chose this network because of the high rating and good reviews, but most importantly my experience with them regarding providing valuable information, great communication, great high ticket offers, No shaving, and weekly payouts. Also, they can host pre-sell pages.
    Smartfunnel. Is new and one of the best networks that I worked with so far, but most importantly they have these offers Stellar Profits and Cannabis Billion, both offers have $500 CPA payouts. These offers are working very well right now especially with paid traffic (native, email marketing and most importantly Facebook).

    If you are interested in sign up here is the link:

    You can use any high ticket offers that converting very well using the same method. but I gave you the offers that converting very well for me and for others. And don`t worry about the competition because this method requires you to promote high converting offers only. Trust me guys is working very well.

    2- Pre-sell Pages and quiz landers.
    This step is the most important one, Don`t send the traffic directly to the offer obviously. Create your own pre-sell pages or quiz landers before, if you know that. Or you can do that easily by using Clickfunnels. I personally use Clickfunnels. I know it is expensive, but trust me it is worth it. Clickfunnels have all the tools you need to create sell pages or quiz landers. You can learn more from directly or simply search it on YouTube.
    As I mentioned Smartfunnelthey can host pre-sell pages for you if you donít want to use Clickfunnels.
    It is up to you, me personally I like to use Clickfunnels to test, split testing and change things.

    You can get Clickfunnels 14-day trial by using my unique link if you like:

    I will provide you with a sell page or quiz lander examples to help you, please do not copy them. Take inspiration from them and reverse engineer and create something better.

    Pre-sell page example:
    Quiz lander example:
    Ads examples: Free Advertising Spy Tool :
    This site will give you an idea about how successful ads looks like; it is Free Advertising Spy Tool.

    3- Traffic sources.

    We all know that the best traffic is Paid traffic, also it is the fastest way to make money online.
    And the best traffic source right now is Facebook ads obviously. Facebook doesnít like Crypto and forex offers, although it is the best traffic source and a lot of the affiliate use Facebook ads with cloaking tools in order to work. Cloaking tools are expensive.

    If you want to use Facebook as a traffic source, I recommend you to be careful and use cloaking tools, I personally do not use Facebook, but the information from my affiliate manager is that there are a lot of affiliates use Facebook. Right now, I use native ads and email marketing.

    My recommendation isto start with natives they are less strict and very effective traffic source, but remember to use them with pre-sell pages in order to get better results. As for the budget I personally recommend that you start with $500 as starting a budget, it will be enough. But I understand that a lot of people donít have that money or can`t spend it.

    So, you can start testing with $5-$20 per sell page or per quiz lander using Taboola. I recommend that you have 3 variations of each. Change the picture and headlines in both your ad and the pre-sell page. Then start scaling when you have winning ad.

    I want to mention that, the best traffic sources right now for these type offers (crypto and forex) are Facebook, native, and email marketing.

    The way I do it: The way I promote these high-ticket offers is not a secret or new method, it is simple and effective, Use the traffic source that I will include below to drive the traffic to your pre-sell page or quiz lander, then collect emails from the visitors, after that send them to the offer.

    I don't have to tell you how much important to build an email list, for these types of offers email marketing works very well and it will boost your conversion rate. Trust me guys you need to use email marketing for this.

    The traffic source I use:

    Native: Taboola and Outbrain.

    They are the best traffic sources that work great for me so far,

    Tips: Be careful with Taboola they can be strict. Read carefully their policies.

    4- Email marketing:

    This part is very important, when you capture the emails from the pre-sell pages, then save them in to your list. You need to start sending email again to the same offer with different pre-sell page. I recommend you to setup follow up emails from 3 Ė 5 emails. And then start sending them every 3 days or 5, it is up to you.

    If you don`t know how to write emails like professional copywriter don`t worry, you can out source it using this site: . It is easy to use, search for writers, look for their experience and tell them what you want.
    I personally use getresponse as autoresponder and email marketing tool, it easy to integrate with Clickfunnels.

    You can sign up for getresponse for free here:
    You can also Aweber too, it is easy to integrate with Clickfunnels.
    You can start your trail from here:
    I recommend using these tools based on my experience.

    This method is not new nether old, it can be improved by you, and trust me it will not be saturated, it is the best way back then and right now to make a lot of money as an affiliate marketer if you worked hard and stayed focused.
    Probably you heard a lot of people online saying you need to take action or massive action. It is very annoying, trust me I know, when I was struggling online and hearing these words it was makes me so angry and frustrated, because no one knows what I have been through. Every person has his own issues and problem, and usually are the financial ones.
    But for what I can tell you guys, my honest advice is from all this noise online, is just stay focused, work hard and never give up. What I mean by that, you can`t success by doing online marketing for few weeks or two months to see success, it took me 3 long years to see real success, I am not smart or anything, I don`t even have high school degree , In my journey as an affiliate, I just stayed focus on one path, worked hard. Improve my skills and always learning from my mistakes.
    You donít have to do super work or something revolutionary, just take what is working and make it better.
    You owe it to yourself to be financial free and happy, we all are.
    I apologies for the long post and the poor writing, please feel free to ask me anything, I am more than happy to answer and help you guys.
    My email: [email protected]
    I will share with you my results for the past months and also the upcoming months as well, hoping to motivate you. I

    Good luck My Friends.

    Earnings Disclaimer: These results are not typical. As with any business, your results may vary and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. There is no guarantee that you will make any income at all and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. Each individualís success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

    My results:

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    Results Update:

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