What was the best business deal ever made?

It is November 1980 and IBM is twice as large as every other computer company in the world combined.

They are making an agreement with an upstart, Microsoft, a company with 40 staff, to create an operating system (OS), the software that a computer runs off. This OS would later be called IBM PC-DOS.

But the young CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, sees something that IBM doesn’t. He pushes for the agreement to allow Microsoft to license the OS to other manufacturers, and IBM agree.

Microsoft come up with a really original name for this OS - they call it MS-DOS.

And the rest is history…

Microsoft ends up supplying the OS to over 1.4bn PC’s and counting because of the deal Gates had struck.

Many say this was the best business deal ever.

But there was a problem. Microsoft didn’t even own the OS!

Microsoft only managed to purchase a non-exclusive agreement for the OS in December 1980 for a reported US$25k from Seattle Computer Products.

But in July 1981, Microsoft finally purchased the full rights to the OS for US$50k, a month before it started getting shipped out onto PCs.

This was the best business deal ever made…

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