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    Default Are Chinese products 100% fake?

    Are almost 100% of products in China ripped off?

    Gordon Miller's answer to I want to engineer a product, how do I get help without people stealing my idea?

    Many American and other international companies contract with Chinese manufacturers to produce things for worldwide distribution. When these “OEM” products are distributed and sold through the companies' standard channels, they are legitimate and not rip-offs.

    Some of these Chinese manufacturers have been found to produce excess quantities of product (for example, Dell laptop power supplies) and sell them outside of proper channels. These products may be identical to the “real” product, but you will find that the company whose name is on the product will not honor the warranty. These, even if absolutely identical, are absolutely counterfeit.

    Still other Chinese manufacturers who are contracted to produce legitimate products will also make a knockoff product using similar but lower quality components and poorer designs. For example, the counterfeit version of that Dell power supply may not have sufficient electrical noise filtering.

    Other Chinese manufacturers will take something they are not contracted to make (so they don't have the design documents) and reverse engineer it to produce something “functionally equivalent” but actually much lower quality. These products may or may not look like the the OEM product.

    The problem with reverse engineering a product is that there may be material or component choices that are not obviously important, because you won't know the reasoning behind some design decisions.

    For example, consider a shovel. The kind you dig in the dirt with. If it has a wood handle, there is an optimum orientation for the wood grain to achieve maximum strength. It seems that very few manufacturers understand this, and an inspection of the shovels at your local hardware store will reveal that the grain in the handles us oriented randomly. Thirty seconds of training for their employees could rectify this, and they'd make better product with no increase in cost, but the manufacturer doesn't even know it is important. They have copied a design but made a mistake because they did not understand the importance of design decisions.


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    In my view, no Chinese products are not fake because in the last few days, I have purchased some promotional items from a China company that is PapaChina and they offer me the best services at a reasonable price. They are one of the famous wholesale suppliers of promotional items in China due to their best services.

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