SDS Money School, is the brainchild creation from Dennis Gerron, an experienced, kind hearted online marketer who has been around the Online Business community for many years. He has a mission to help everyone make an income online, specially the underprivileged (and handicap), without requiring all the hard core recruiting or sponsoring, or large outlays of money.

The website for everyone to read is

Then click on "HOW IT WORKS " menu or
Please do not judge the website for its low key simplicity. It may not posses pizzaz, but who cares as long as it makes everyone money?

SDS consist of a "3 steps systems".

Step1 is a plain one time fee 2x3 cycler (100% pay out). Nothing new about that.It's been going for 3+ years. Is a safe and slow income producer.

Step2 is a plain $10 monthly, 3x9 forced matrix. Well, still nothing exciting about it, except at least is a 100% pay out matrix (GDI is only about 55% payout, and the people on the top are making a killing). We know that people in the bottom are going to struggle and quit. But that is why step3 was created. Note the admin hold the top position and will use the earnings to push Step1. Can't join step2 without joining step1. Step2 was just introduced to satisfy the need for residual income (one time fees are not very good for residual incomes), and to push step1 positions.

Step3 is a 20% return for 12 month program (min $100 deposit. Larger amount must be requested as a Notarized promisory note will be issued, assuring the payments) Also, there is monthly percent % pay for any referrals deposits. This step3 is actually the missing link that ties all Steps together and force anyone ( newbies specially) to become financially free, without struggling with monthly fees, or sponsoring heavily.

Because this is the passive income most people will want to get to, but to reach it, one must upgrade to Step1, and Step2!

A deposit of $100 will return $20\month for 12 month ($240 total in the end). You pocket $10, and use the other $10 to cover your step2 fees! so Nobody in their right mind, will ever quit Step2, because they are making money! Is irrelevant now if one is in the bottom of the matrix for many years or not.

If nobody quits step2, the matrix will continue to grow and grow and grow as most people want to earn 20% passively from a larger deposits. A $1000 deposit will pay $200\month, a 10k deposit will return $2k\month. Of course, those who don't have large Will you be able to live of from interest? I am sure anyone can with step3.

So here you have it! a self sustaining, guaranteed passive\active Income Program that solves all the attrition in the MLM world and finally make money for anyone.

SDS Money school satisfy those who are go getters, and those who can't recruit (or like to be in a passive Income mode). It satisfy those who like cyclers, and those who likes matrices, and those who likes to put their money to work thru better returns. Something for everyone.

SDS Money school eliminate the need to create time consuming, and hard to manage reverse matrix to cover those who are in the bottom of the first matrix.

Dennis Gerron and Catherine Shoff can help provide more information to anyone interested in evaluating SDS, thru Skype and Webinars he provides every week, or a phone call with him or Catherine. Just contact me at [email protected].
Peace, Health, and Prosperity to all,