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    Question Hi Rolclubers!!! Just wanna ask something...

    I have found a new venture, it's like teaching english on the phone program but I'm not sure if that site is legitimate... I think it's a good idea to teach however I am not really sure if i can really make money from it. I mean it's online teaching.. Has anyone of you tried teaching ESL online, how do you get paid? Is it coming directly from the students or from the company you are working with... i got no clue, can anyone help me?

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    Have you tried posing your valid queries with them? Remember also, not to compromise your valuable /personal details until U R fully confident that they are as what they make out to be and you can indeed earn on the side, legally too.

    Have you discussed with your local Tax man / Dept about such options as opportunities regarding making some extra income and staying tax-free or with some favorable conditions to your status which I assume, still needs some financial stability?

    ATB... and remember too, the answers from them (the source themselves) can make you commit... or otherwise, avoid altogether.


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