Making the choice to put your child in daycare can be a very tough decision to make. There are a lot of stories in the news about horrible things that happen there. But fear not, the ones that make it to the six o' clock news are of course the sensational headlines. On a day to day basis, daycare is still one of the safest alternatives to child care all over the United States.

The most important thing with daycare is to make sure you find a good daycare center to leave your child in. Many parents send their children to childcare centers because they have a very structured, regulated environment. It has a set and definite pickup time, drop off time and also makes sure that the children do everything on a schedule. This is very helpful because all kids need to learn about schedules and discipline.

If you enroll your children in daycare, they will be taught many different skills, such as storytelling, dancing and singing. There are more fun filled activities as well - your child will spend the day doing projects and learning many new things. A research study has found that kids that go to good quality childcare centers do better in tests than other kids. So when looking for a daycare, make sure the one you choose has a good mix of activities for your child.

The Pros and Cons
Getting a nanny will be much more expensive than daycare and you will also be relying on only one person. When some unavoidable circumstances arise and the nanny or sitter can't come to work, you will have to find other arrangements too often at the last minute!

At a daycare, you know that there will always be people on duty to look after your children. In case someone can't report to work, it is the responsibility of the daycare owners or manager to look for suitable replacements or substitutes.

One more thing...young children in daycare especially benefit from being able to spend time with other kids. Here, they learn important socialization skills like sharing and interacting. When your child cared by a nanny, he won't be developing these skills as quickly.

At a reputable childcare center, the staff members are usually trained in child education and child development. With such kind of training, the staff knows what to expect and are knowledgeable on how to take care of the children properly. This cannot be guaranteed with nannies or other hired help.

A downside of daycare though, is that your child won't get the one-on-one care that you or a nanny could provide. Kids need constant attention and love in order to grow up happy and healthy. When your baby or kids are at a childcare center, he or she has to share the attention of one person with other kids.

Another possible disadvantage of leaving your child in daycare is that they are more likely to be exposed to other children who may possibly be ill. It is proven true that kids in childcare centers have the tendency to contract more infections than the kids who stay at home. However, don't be afraid. Exposed to viruses and bacteria at a young age allows your child's body to learns how to fight them off naturally. Some children who are exposed to these viruses and bacteria early on are much less likely to develop allergies than other children.

All in all, the daycare option can be considered a wise choice if you manage to find a reputable daycare center. It is very important thing is to make sure there aren't too many children compared to the number of caregivers.

The ratio for children aged four and five should be one caregiver for every eight kids; and for three year olds, there should be one caregiver for every seven kids.

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