As the weather becomes colder, we have no choice but keep our doors and windows closed as we tend to become more prone at acquiring colds, flu nad other respiratory conditions that usually take place due to extreme changes in the weather all throughout the year. Studies have shown that this is because we insulate our spaces so well that we trap airborne pollutants inside making indoors heavily populated places like day care facilities not such healthy places to be.

Here are 5 easy ways to improve the air quality in your day care starting today:

* Washing of mats and blankets should definitely be done regularly. Children are often asked to bring a favorite blanket or mat, or even sleeping bag with them to be used for their rest time during the day. These mats are havens for dust mites which could easily be passed on with the slightest movement. These blankets should be washed by the parents or your facility at least once a week using hot water to get rid of dusts and mites. If you are asking parents to do this, let them know why, and educate them about what a difference this can make in their child's overall health both at day care and at home.

* Donít use carpets. Even though carpet feels cozy, it makes a great home for pollutants that can be tracked in on shoes like dust, sand, pollen, mold and mildew spores that have found moisture and are starting to grow, and-once again-dust mites. Kids jumping, running, bouncing, rolling on the carpet will cause these pollutants to go airborne creating symptoms in even the healthiest child, and ex****bating symptoms of children who suffer from chronic allergy and asthma.

* Explain to your children about germs and how they "fly around" looking to make a home in someone's body-many times causing sickness. Let them know that they can make a difference, and can have control over the germs that they spread. Have children cover their mouths with their arms to stop germs from flying out to visit someone else, and pile on the praise when they are successful at doing this. Pretty soon they'll be correcting you!

* It may be impossible to do this over night but over the course of a few months or a year you can surround your children and staff with products that do not off gas chemicals-and this includes everything from cleaning products that are effective without the volatile organic chemicals that off gas so easily; natural organic fibers for furniture and curtains; and paints, markers, and glues that are okay for children to breathe. Not only will this be a great thing to do for your air quality, but a great way to model an environmentally friendly way to live for both children and their parents.

* A high efficiency particle arresting air purifier is a safe, effective, and economical way to remove harmful airborne pollutants including bacteria and viruses from the air 24 hours every day.

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