Everyday, millions of people especially women search for a home-based business that would meet their needs as well of those of their family. Many of them overlook opening up a Home Day care business as an option due to the myths that this challenging yet rewarding business.

First Myth – Home Day care is about Babysitting

For those who think that providing childcare is merely babysitting, then you has to rethink this thought. Providing childcare is a great business that requires the owner/proprietor to set rules and policies, organize the day, create a business plan, use written contracts, authorization and agreements, provide activities, a nurturing environment, and meals and meet the basic needs of the kids left in their care.

Second Myth – Running a Home Day Care occupies time that should be for the Provider’s Children

Thousands of parents across the country seek Part-time care, mother’s day out availability, drop-in care and others. Providers only needs to choose a schedule and services he or she wishes to provide and work on maintaining those hours. Having a day care center allows the owner to have the ability to focus on their own children full-time and to provide an invaluable service to other working parents.

Third Myth – No Skills are required for operating a Home Day Care

A home day care owner or operation needs to have at a minimum – a love for children, patience as well as the ability to run a business. Aside from these skills, each state has a different requirement that must be met before a home day care can be licensed or registered.

Minimally these invaluable skills which include First Aid CPR, Safe Food Handling Practices and Child Abuse Prevention should be a part of a day care centre owner or provider. These not only enhance their ability to provide quality child care but also provide guidance and knowledge in rearing their own children.

Fourth Myth – Home day care needs too much time

Many people think that running a home day care will require the business to operate 24/7. A successful home day care provider knows how to set specific hours of operation so that they can still have time for their family. Home day care can really be a huge time commitment, but with the help of proper tools, organization, time management and setting specific operating hours, the time involved here is not much different than other kinds of home business.

Fifth Myth – Home Day care income is no comparable to existing salary

Despite the bad feeling of wanting to be at home with their children, a lot of women feel “stuck” in their current position for financial reasons.

Well, try to use this scare when calculating how much you really contribute to your family income when you are working outside of your home. So from your gross monthly income, deduct day care expenses, dry cleaning, gas, meals, business clothing as well as other work related expenses and taxes. The amount left from this is your actual net monthly income.

But in many cases, you net income can be easily replaced with the income you get from a home day care business. You may not be aware of it, but the average home day care provider makes about $47000+ each year in gross income!

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