It is a known fact all over the world that times are changing. What was the duty of women in the household has shifted and may be all together wiped out because of financial wants. Instead of staying home to run the household, budget what money the husband brings in, and take care of the children, more and more women are opting to work and earn money that could help in household finances. There is little chance of having relatives that are free to care for children so they have to look for care providers in day care centers and pre-school facilities.

Child care industry workers make up more than half of salary earners in the market today. These child care providers include pre-school teachers, teacher assistants, and day care center care providers. A more surprising fact is that most of these salary earners do not even have a college degree to speak of, with the exception of the licensed teachers. There are minimal job requirements for child care giving except for general love of children and patience in providing care for these unruly toddlers. However, it has also been noted in studies and researches that the rate of turnover for child care teachers and providers is unusually high. Part of the reason could be that most of them only work part time, while the others are tasked to work harder reaching up to more than the standard forty hours a week. Also, the benefits associated, and the salaries given out are both lacking compared to jobs in other industries.

There are two main types of child care facilities that are put up in the child care industry today; one would be the smaller home-based facility which can only accommodate a small group of children; the other would be the commercial type of child care facility that is more organized, have more employees, and can take in a larger number of children in different age groups. A commercial type of child care facility cannot be established in residential areas; these facilities have to be put up in business districts. A larger portion of the child care industry is the home based facility because it is easier to put up, operate, and manage. There are also a growing number of companies that provide their employees with free child care services, oftentimes in their own building or other establishments in the vicinity.

Because of the viability of the child care business, the ease of how it can be established is compromised by the fact that the competition is huge. The need for child care facilities has emerged and more people have taken advantage of that necessity plus more people are also looking into getting themselves in the industry. If you look around, you will probably see child care facilities in every other block from the street on which you reside. There is also very little margin to differentiate child care services from all the others except for location and safety.

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