Starting a day care center has been one of the most profitable industries worldwide. This is primarily due to the shift in our employment and home culture more women have gotten out of the patriarchal shell that has held them back for so long. Instead of relying on men to come home after the hunt, women have become more active in the labor force. This paradigm shift has paved the way too, for more women to become entrepreneurial, but with the gender specific role still strong in them. With career women, they need to find a quality care provider for their children; with the business oriented women, the focus is on building a strong venture without sacrificing their families.

For the business minded woman, establishing a daycare center is one of the more viable options, especially of the skills, talent, and knowledge to care for children is present. Starting a daycare center not only allows them to be their own boss and manage their own time between work and home keeping, but also guarantees them fulfillment in the child care experience.

Although the day care business can be started at home, it does not mean that there is no capital or investment needed to start it up and keep it going. You will need money to acquire the necessary permits, transform your home into a child safe haven, purchase toys and books, provide yourself insurance, market your services, and allowance for day to day operations.

Aside from personal savings, you can get free money from the government. I say free in a sense that you do not need to pay back this financial aid. However, if you think on it, grants are from taxes you have paid too so it basically means you are applying for some cash back on your taxes.

If what has been mentioned above has caught your fancy, you can check out grant sources online. There are websites you can visit to learn the application process for such grants and how you go about claiming it. I must warn you though that since this is free money, there will be a lot of contenders vying for the grant approval. Some grants can amount to thousands of dollars so you will want to create a very good profile so that you can be assured of this type of financial aid.

The reason why grant money can be huge is because it comes from different sources. Wit the taxation system we have, there are a million and one ways to get out of tax (by exemptions) but still come out paying some money to the government. For instance, private foundations are required to give away 5% of their total assets annually to maintain tax exemption.

The federal and state governments also have tons of grant programs for citizens. This is because they recognize that millions of people would need financial help so they have financial funding ready for educational, medical, and business expenses.

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