If you are so used to following orders from your superiors, well, everything will change once you start your own business. Having your own business is like giving birth to a baby; where you help the baby mold and grow into a better and mature adult. The same treatment should also be applied to a “baby: business as well.

Dealing on a new business can be very frustrating from the start. It’s not something that you endure once you follow through a step by step process of making one. As you move along this course, you’ll find out that it takes hard work and dedication to get through the top.

To get you started with your own business, you need to decide on what type of business that you want to partake in. And if you have come to a decision of opening your own cleaning business, then you might want to choose which type it is. A cleaning business is divided into different types with two broad segments: consumer and commercial. A consumer segment includes residential maid services, window cleaners, carpet cleaners, and other forms that is small, cleaning services. Commercial type on the other hand, contains janitorial services, residential cleaning for real estate agents, office cleaning, restaurant cleaning, pool cleaning, upholstery or carpet cleaning services, and other variety that targets business-type consumers.

Once you have settled on a specific segment of a cleaning service, you can now concentrate on putting together a business.

A cleaning service requires no knowledge or a degree. However, one must know how to manage the business to gain profit. To get through that stage, avail for a business permit. Make sure you have the necessary requirements to get that permit that you need. An insurance bond is also a must to save you on costs if ever you or one of your men will cause any accidents on the client’s personal things.

Next, secure an office to make business transaction. You may rent a small office or use your home for awhile to save money. After securing for the best place, hire some manpower. Employ only those who are reliable, trustworthy, and with good back ground. No experience is needed as long as he can be taught quickly. And lastly, get the right tools, the right equipment, and a mode of transportation for a faster service.

Once you have everything, then you’re all set. It only takes a matter of seconds or minutes until you finally have your first customer on board.

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