By temp. partnering with me and use your 720+ Credit Score and no money down, I will pay you $10K at funding.

Private ShortTerm Investor: Earn 20% in 90 days & No Money Needed To Invest
You read this correctly.

I need one savvy and Serious investor immediately.

ALL YOU NEED: Your Excellent A+ 720 + [COLOR=purple ! important][COLOR=purple ! important]Credit [COLOR=purple ! important]Score[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] to secure $50K needed to secure a fully functioning & fundable Shelf Corp for my business, and at time of funding, you will be paid $10K.

The process takes about 90 days and you exit with [COLOR=purple ! important][COLOR=purple ! important]your [COLOR=purple ! important]credit[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] unscathed and $10K.

The organization I work with has their own Hedge Fund Investors to fund my new Shelf Corp. because as we all know, [COLOR=purple ! important][COLOR=purple ! important]banks[/COLOR][/COLOR] are not funding now.

If you have $50K hard cash to invest rather than using your 720 [COLOR=purple ! important][COLOR=purple ! important]Beacon [COLOR=purple ! important]Credit [/COLOR][COLOR=purple ! important]Score[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] or you are outside the USA where credit scores are not used, contact me and you will earn 20% on your money at time of funding , which will be only a couple of weeks.

Also, I have recently been offered a fully functioning established, very busy Acupuncture Practice and all patients for $50K. I need to get funding immediately.

This funding is for serious medical practice and if you are interested , contact me directly: [email protected]

Dr Margaux Gold, D.O.M.