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    Default how to drive targeted traffic (home business)

    In this post, I want to talk about the 2 ways to drive traffic to your blog/website. The best thing about content marketing is that you do the work once and you can reap its benefits forever, beecause content stays there to drive traffic forever!

    1. Document sharing sites- make a presentation/PDF of yourself and your business, and share it on the document sharing sites like- slideshare, docstoc etc. Share stories, share valuable content from your product, share content which helps your target market adn adds value to their life/business.
    If you're promoting a weight loss product, make a presentation on "HOW TO LOOSE WEIGHT" or a word document or PDF on the same topic, and share it on these sites. This will start to attract people who are interested in loosing weight to your presentation/document, and then you have a chance to sell your product to them. At the end of that presentation, just share your business opportunity and your products and your contact details, your social media links/ your website etc.

    2. Let me tell you something, tens of thousands of people visit article directories like eazinearticles, goarticles etc. to get educated about various topics, where they read high quality articles. Anyone can go and submit their articles. Why dont you produce some good content, a good article which is full of value, which is content rich, which can help people and related to your MLM product. You, know, people read your BIO/ABOUT THE AUTHOR section where you have a chance to tell the readers about your business opportunity and drive traffic to your website/social media accounts. And its free!

    What do you think?
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    Here are some ideas which you may want to try to get targeted traffic for a home business.

    Optimize your site for the search engines and ensure that it loads at an acceptable speed.

    Look for the major traffic forums in your niche and join them with the view of answering questions and being helpful. Don't spam them or you will get banned! If done properly, this will build credibility and drive traffic and sales.

    Target Social Media. Facebook and Pinterest in that order and then others such as Twitter, Instagram etc.

    Blog commenting in your niche. Look for the top blogs in Google and make helpful comments about the posts.

    Try to guest blog on blogs in your niche. Go to the highest traffic ones if possible. If this is difficult, then go for medium traffic ones. Just dont waste your time with low traffic or dead blogs where there is no inter activity.

    Upload YouTube videos with your offer.

    To learn more about free traffic methods, read the blogs of top online marketers such as Neil Patel, Matthew Woodward, Pat Flynn etc.

    Just doing some of these will give you backlinks and credibility in the search engines.
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