Fast Cash Opportunity for PayPal Users

How to become a mailing list Developer

Follow these instructions exactly, and in 20 – 60 days you will have received over £10,000 into your Pay-Pal account.

1. Immediately send £2 (Or your countries equivalent) to the first 5 PayPal email addresses listed below via your PayPal account, starting at number 1 through number 5. (Total investment £10.) Send an email to each of these addresses stating: “Please add my name to your mailing list”. Include your full name and PayPal email address. (This is a legitimate service that you are requesting and you are paying £2 for this service.) Once this first step has been done you are legally eligible to use this file.

1. [email protected]
2. [email protected]
3. [email protected]
4. [email protected]
5. [email protected]
6. [email protected]

2. Remove the name that appears as number 1 on the list. Move the other 5 names up 1 position (Number 2 becomes number 1 number 3 becomes number 2 and so on). Place your Pay Pal email address at the bottom in the number 6 position.

3. With your name in the number 6 position, upload the entire file to as may different Bulletin Boards as you can, aim for at least 100 (10 a day for 10 days). Post it social networking sites i.e. Face book Twitter etc... Email it. Name it FASTCASH TEXT and use the file description comments to draw attention to this file and its great potential for all of us.

4. Within 20 – 60 days you will have £10,000 (a very reserved estimate) or more paid into your Pay Pal account. Just think how many people you can reach over the internet as it goes viral. If you have set your Pay Pal on personal account, just upgrade it to business account which is totally free of charge and increase your income allowance limit so you can allow the full income stream into your account, also to enable you to receive credit card payments etc…. They will ask for details about your business before allowing you to do this. You are now a Mailing List Developer.

5. Keep a copy of this file for your self so you can use it again and again whenever you need money. As soon as you have paid your £10 and sent the appropriate emails you are automatically in the mail order business. People will be sending you £2 to be placed on your mailing list. The list can be then rented to a broker that can be found in your local yellow pages listings for additional income on a regular basis. The list will become more valuable as it grows in size.

To those with the common sense to participate in this easy money opportunity and recognize it as a golden nugget of information: About six months ago I received the enclosed post in letter form. I ignored it. I received three more of the same letter within the next 2 months I ignored them also. Of course I was tempted to follow through and dreamed of making thousands, but I was convinced it was just another gimmick and could not possibly work. I was wrong! About three weeks later I saw this same letter posted on a local bulletin board in Newcastle, England. I liked the idea of giving it a try with my computer. I didn’t expect much because I figured, if other people were as skeptical as I they would not be to quick to part with £10. But, I BUY LOTTERY TICKETS WEEKLY AND HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT BUT TICKET STUBS! This week I decided to look at this as my weekly lottery purchase. I sent the £2 to the first 5 Pay Pal emails as directed. Two weeks went by and I didn’t receive anything. The fourth week rolled around and I couldn’t believe what happened. I didn’t receive £10,000 but it was well over £7,000 and it hasn’t finished yet. For the first time in 10 years I got out of debt. It was great. Of course it did not take me long to go through my earnings, so I am using this excellent money making opportunity once again, that’s the beauty of it, it can be used again and again. Follow the instructions and get ready to enjoy. Please post a copy of this letter whenever and wherever you post these instructions so we can convince people who are skeptical that it really does work. Copy and paste this full body of text to your computer to become familiar with this opportunity in your own time. There are many people who know something good when they see it, 8 of those are on the email list above plus the thousands that are building up on my list.

NOTE: Make sure you retain EVERY name and email address sent to you, on your computer or hard copy and also the emails sent asking you for this service. This can be used as proof that you are truly providing a service, and should IR or some other government body question you, you can provide them with this proof. (Again this is a legitimate business)

Remember, as each post is downloaded and the instructions carefully followed, five members will be reimbursed for their participation as List Developer with £2 each. Your name will move up the list geometrically so that when your name reaches the number 5 position you will be receiving thousands of pounds (or your countries equivalent currency) in cash. REMEMBER – THIS PROGRAM FAILS ONLY IF YOU ARE NOT HONEST. PLEASE!! PLEASE BE HONOURABLE….. IT DOES WORK! THESE ARE DIFFICULT FINANCIAL TIMES SO LETS USE OUR RESOURCES TOGETHER AND HELP EACH OTHER OUT, THANK YOU!!
This is a genuine easy money Idea for those with the sense to use it in this tough financial era. There are two types of people in this world THE DOERS OR THE DOUBTERS and only one of these ever makes money. WHICH ONE ARE YOU?