Here are ten ways that you can start your own business:

1. Start your business on the side:You can moonlight in your spare time and run your business in your spare time while keeping your day job.
2. Opt for a flexible schedule:It is very difficult for you to handle if working at basically two can request your employer to cut down your hours and adopting a flexible schedule.
3. Get an Assistant:Hire someone to do the legwork and groundwork for you while you continue working in your job. You can direct the person and make the assistant do some of the work for you, while you work on the business in your spare time.
4. Get a part-time job:A part-time job can provide you with a base income while you are building up the business. You can drop the part-time job if your business income equals or exceeds the income that you receive from your job.
5. Spin-off plan:You can turn your previous employer into your first major customer, or when ethically possible, take a major client with you from your previous job.
6. Utilize Your Nest Eggs:Use a financial resource like savings, a severance package, inheritance, or divorce settlement to yourself when you start a business.If you have six months or more of income set aside for emergencies, you can also use these reserves to start a business.
7. Enlist the help of your family:While you are taking your chances in your entrepreneurial venture, you can request your spouse or partner to help support your family until the business starts to earn income.
8. Have your clients finance you:There are instances that clients you meet in your employment are so impressed with you that they are willing to finance your own venture.
9. Never burn your bridges:The right people can open the right doors for you. When you leave your job, your former colleagues may become an important source of contacts and customers for your business. You may be able to find investors from your previous contacts.
10. Treat your business as a work in progress:You may have dreamed of starting your own printed magazine, but if you have no capital whatsoever, then start a blog instead.Continue working on it everyday, nurture the business - and if you are lucky, you just might see your business grow into the business of your dreams.