Would you like to receive an iPod, or an iPhone, iPad, Macbook, a Playstation 3, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, video games, mobile phones, Amazon vouchers or money, for just £10/$15?!

How is it possible?

FreebieJeebies is a site that settles agreements with other companies to get them new customers. These companies get a chance to promote their products or service. When you try their products or service you will be likely to make further purchase if you like it. And if you also invite your friends to try the product or service, the company gets even more new customers.
So, the companies will pay a commission for each new customer to FreebieJeebies. FreebieJeebies keeps a portion of the commission to himself but the biggest part goes to you, because you have invited those new customers!

Then, you can use those commissions to get a gift. For example, to receive.Öyou just need to invite:
Ipod Shuffle 2Gb - 2 friends
Ipod Touch 8 Gb Ė 10 friends
PS3 Ė 13 friends
£100 Amazon voucher Ė 6 friends
and so on...

If you donít want a gift, you can simply receive money, through PayPal.
Here you can find an independent forum where users show the gifts they have already received:
And Youtube has many videos of users showing their gifts.

How can you do this?
Itís easy:

1-Go to FreebieJeebies and below 'Sign up now', put your email and press 'Go'
2-Complete with your personal details
3-Choose one offer and complete it. (Little bid tasty is just £10/$15 and it's the fastest)
4-Use your affiliate link and invite your friends to do the same.
5-Thatís it! Now choose your gift and receive it!!

(You only need to complete once one offer, it doesn't matter how many gifts you will ask. With more referrals you can get more and better gifts!
You only need to register at the site above, even if you want other gift that it's not an Apple product or cash, (like a Playstation3), just choose 'Custom order' and submit a ticket with the gift that you want.)