How To Participate In Our Pay It Forward Program!

The 10K Travel Group team is beginning a pilot program to "Gift" FREE membership positions into TVI Global Assist Team. We are planning to launch this new feature on April 1, 2010. This program is not part of TVI Global Assist Team and is exclusive to the 10K Travel Group team.

About Us

My name is James Young. I am a senior partner and co-owner of 10K Travel Group. After joining the TVI Global Assist Team feeder program for TVI Express, I and my business partner with a combined 50+ years experience as a Large Computer Systems Engineers, realized the unique potential TVI Express offered. The "Brilliant" program structure of TVI Express, was enhanced even more by TVI Global Assist Team's "Follow Me" strategy.

Together, they provide a nearly perfect solution for those wishing to start a home based business in this $7 Trillion Travel industry, but do not have the ability to recruit new members.

The "single" flaw in both programs is the impression given to new members that as long as they refer two new members, they are in business and home free. While this may be true "some day" it is most certainly not the case now.

The only way to cycle rapidly through both TVI Global Assist Team and TVI Express and earn the BIG money is through a joint TEAM effort. There must be a continuous stream of members pushing you through the boards. With nearly 10 years working internet income programs, I've learned one thing perfectly well. You CAN NOT depend on "spill over" or any real "upline" support.

We believe that together with TVI Global Assist Team's "Follow Me" and our "Company" not "Individual" marketing approach, we have solved the recruiting problems, alleviating the empty matrix holes and "stalled" boards.

Our TEAM fills our matrix positions from the TOP, ensuring their are no empty slots and that every member's individual organization is constantly growing. This also ensures that once you enter into TVI Express, your continuing growing team from TVI Global Assist team, will always follow you into TVI Express, causing you to cycle faster and faster.


Our intent is to help those who do not have the financial resources necessary to join TVI Express or even TVI Global Assist Team, but who would like the opportunity to build a successful Home-Based business and secure their Financial Future. Pay It Forward members will enjoy the same "assisted" marketing services as those members who join on their own. It just may take a little longer to enter TVI Global Assist Team and complete the cycles before gaining entry into TVI Express. There is no obligation to repay the gift since these positions will benefit everyone on our team.


Our Pay It Forward program is being implemented as an additional boost to 10K Travel Group's overall marketing, growth and performance. Our Pay It Forward positions will help all our members cycle faster and get them into TVI Express as quickly as possible. We will begin the Pay It Forward program by sponsoring 6 - 10 new positions every month after launch. This number will increase as our marketing budget increases. Our intent is to spend 25% of our total revenues towards marketing our business on behalf of our members.

Adding new members on an ongoing weekly, monthly basis, irregardless of how they joined, will help our team members cycle through TVI Global Assist Team faster and get them into TVI Express and then continue the cycling process to reach that first $10,000 pay day.

Pay It Forward Member Obligation

The only requirement is that you make your best effort to refer any potential new members you may encounter, to the Team's website URL . Should any referrals sign up, that referral will spill over to the next empty position in our organization which helps build your business as well as the rest of our Team's businesses. Again! This helps everyone.

How To Proceed

Go to the website .
Fill out the Pay It Forward Request Form and submit it with the following information:

First Name:
Last Name:
Zip Code:

After you submit your application you will be entered into our data base on a First Come - First Served basis. You will receive an "Opt-in" email to verify your intent to enroll in the Pay It Forward program. Once this is done you will receive a printout displaying all those who are on the waiting list. The list will be updated bi-weekly, published in our Blog and sent to each member.

Reaching the top of the queue

Once your name reaches the top, we will notify you and ask you to confirm your desire to join 10K Travel Group and TVI Global Assist Team. If you still desire to be part of our team and reap the outstanding benefits of membership, we will then complete the first step on your behalf, to register you into TVI Global Assist Team.

Step 1:
We will enroll you into TVI Global Assist Team and pay your $37.00 enrollment fee from our AlertPay account. Once this is done, you will receive an activation email from TVI Global Assist Team, notifying you that your application has been received and is being processed. Click on the enclosed confirmation link and you will be taken to the TVI Global Assist Team website to complete the reminder of the sign up process. 10K Travel Group will be notified once you complete the sign up process and we will begin marketing on your behalf to grow your business. TVI Global Assist Team will email your password to you after sign up completion.

In order for us to complete Step 1 successfully, you must provide us with your application and an email address that does not filter out certain senders. Please do not use an email address from the email providers listed below or you may never receive your activation email.

Step 2:

Once your membership is activated, you must login to your Back Office and complete your profile information. You also need to list an AlertPay account to which your commissions will be paid. You can get a FREE AlertPay account if you do not currently have one, by Clicking Here!

After your profile has been properly updated and your AlertPay ID has been entered, please email your TVI Global Assist Team User ID and your AlertPay User ID to:

[email protected]

*** do not email either of your passwords ***

After receipt of your AlertPay User ID, we will deposit $42.00 into your Alert Pay account. You MUST then go to your TVI Global Assist back office and purchase two [2] "Paid Referrals" @ $20.00 each, to secure your position in our program. 10K Travel Group and TVI Global Assist Team, will then fill those 2 positions with REAL people and will continue helping to build your business, indefinitely. Once 10K Travel Group or TVI Global Assist Team places real people in your 2 positions, you will receive a rebate of $18.50 for each of the 2 "Paid Referral" positions you originally purchased. This will total $37.00 in rebates that will be deposited directly to your AlertPay account.

While the $37.00 is your's to do with as you please, we would hope that you would use it to Pay It Forward and help a friend or relative get into this rewarding Home-Based business.

Once You Have Completed The Steps Above

That's IT! Welcome to our Team! You will now part of the largest and fastest growing team in Travel Ventures International. You are also on your way to earning all of the benefits of both TVI Global Assist Team and TVI Express and one step closer to earning a residual $10,000 per month in the most exciting new Travel Company on the Planet!.

If you require any addition information or simply have a question about Pay It Forward, please feel free to Contact Us at [email protected] and some one will get back to you as soon as possible.