At this time we are taking memberships! At 500 members we join our first matrix! Take a look around and if you are interested in joining. Get in now, build your teams, before we launch out against the matrix world! We will not launch until there is sure to be enough spill over to go around! We work as a team, we earn as a team!

Joining a matrix site alone and trying to fill out a matrix by yourself?
Nearly impossible!

Building a team, and using team work and organization to fill out a matrix?
Getting Warmer!

Building friendships with site owners, using their resources along with your promoting skills together to fill out a matrix?
Now you're talking!

But what if you could combine all of these things! All at one time! All in one place, everyone working as one?

What would you have? "Teamm8rix'!

Teamm8rix has combinations of different site owners, all grouped together, all promoting one matrix at the same time!

We are also made up of other matrix teams, all ran by their respective team leaders or owners that join under our link's at a specific time, in an organized fashion to benefit the entire team!

Finally, since we only sign up for "forced type matrices" teamm8rix has an individual following that uses our resources to help put member's into their down line from all the spillover they are receiving from the groups promoting above them in a given matrix. Meanwhile, recruiting and building their very own matrix team here at our site!