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    Default Revolutionary Matrix Teambuild, Just Launched - Forced Matrix - Created By Top GDI Recruiters

    I would like to start another team build for another ***** new forced matrix. It also works on the principal of next in line.. When my first level fills up i will start giving future referrals the link of my first referral and so on..

    It's called Revolutionary Matrix and I believe it is going to be HUGE soon!

    It's a 5x6 forced matrix where you get 1 dollar on each level but on level 6 you get $2!! When you fill your matrix you will have more than $35,000.

    This matrix is owned by two of GDI's top recruiters. James Aldoubi and Derrick Patterson. James has been ranked as high as 2 in the world in GDI.

    If you are like me and have failed with GDI, don't be alarmed. The Revolutionary Matrix business structure is VERY different and extremely team oriented.

    Although a TeamBuild is not completely necessary in a Forced Matrix, I feel like it creates trust and makes people work together so that everyone wins.

    I am overall on level 3 of the entire matrix, so this is a great opportunity for everyone to quickly receive some spillover as well.

    I forgot to mention that with this matrix you also recieve,

    Web hosting
    phpBB3 Forum Hosting
    live support and support forums
    free co-op advertising
    plus much more....

    Watch the video on the main page! Check it out!!!!

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    How are you doing in this program? I remember they had a funny video of one of the 2nd best GDI marketers before but he switched to a different company.

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