Let me know immediately..You will receive a link high up under me,,8000 are coming in Monday 9/15 under us. This pre-pre launch.Write [email protected] now. In subject I will join now..Am building two under two.

Info below..

This is only $60 One-time Out-Of-Pocket and looks like a worthy diversification that can easily bring you some big bucks and recruiting is optional. Launch of EduBizz is set for today 11-12 Sept. 2008.
My sponsor knows someone who has a HUGE Group; she will be one of the first to join when the doors open and you can be a part of this group.
We will be international and offshore, so we are protected. We have a plan where everybody wins and everybody is happy. The cost is $60.00 one time.
Each complete cycle earns you about $3,000 and you could cycle several times a week. This is a unique marketing plan, first time used in the industry; you have not seen anything like it before. You will need a solid trust pay account www.solidtrustpay.com or a global money card Global Money Cards - Get, Send and Spend!.

More detailed info follows. This new conceptual program took several years to develop and has been designed to last long-term and create income for everyone, not just the early birds and those at the top.

It's a 2x1 Matrix, never been done before!! Only 2 members to cycle!!
4 Steps in $60:Step 1 - Money is Leveraging
Step 2 - Receive $60 in cash if you sponsored 2 people ( if none sponsored, you will receive a $60 credit.)
Step 3 - Your $60 Credit earns you a place in Main Company
Step 4 - Re-Entry Main Company
Step 1 - $40 Cash
Step 2 - $50 Cash
Step 3- $200 Cash ($40 Bonus if sponsored 2 people, $20 Bonus if sponsored 1people)
Step 4 - $80 Cash
Step 5 - $80 Cash
Step 6 - $2,200 ($200 Bonus if sponsored 2 plus $1,000 Bonus for each person you personally
sponsored when they reach Step 6)

If a person goes through the system once without sponsoring anyone, they would still receive $2,650.00 cash.

If a person goes through the system once and sponsored 2 people, they would receive $2,950.00 cash, but when their personally sponsored people reach Step 6, they get a $1,000 cash bonus for each person.

After Step 6 we will make $2,200 over and over And that could happen 2-4 times per week

There is no sponsoring required to earn from the matrix!
But if you would like to make the bonus you need to sponsor 2

If you do sponsor new members you will get $1,000 when they get to step 6

You need to make a one-time payment of $60 From Global Money Card or Solid Trust Pay.