placing this here and am making a generous offer to all of you
I have set aside funds for two more spots in, two individuals for each for you until August 6th.. I think this is the most generous offer out there ..First come first served...

While we wait for a rotater system,I am open to this benefactoring, or paying it forward.

Again I will pay for TWO positions under you if you pay your way in. But please advise those friends or associates they should ideally do the same and thus you will be permanently qualified and will not have to worry. Offer is good until august 5th as funds are limited .. These individuals should have a stp account and be verified asap.

I have been in WWLC since april and they paid me faithfully each month, 400.00 recently and in 3 weeks 800.00, then holding PERMANENTLY at 1600.00 plus responded to all my messages if I have questions

Contact me at [email protected] if you like this offer or see the link at Welcome to the Worldwide Loan Club