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    Default 6star Travel Club Bogof (buy One Get One Free Offer)

    Hello existing 6star travel club members and prospective members. A second to none opportunity that will lead you to absolute financial freedom is here. In the first instance you should thank your star for coming by this advert and I believe you wonít let the opportunity pass you by.

    I became a member of 6startravel club on 7th November buying its Imembership with $220 with my Visa card ($200 if paying by e-gold or 6strar travel pin), exactly 19days after, my $220 investment gave me a cumulative of $4600 cash and 2 travel pin equivalent to $400.

    Invariably $220 becomes $5000 in 19days. Proof of transaction and request for payment from 6star and eventually the wire transfer and deposit of the cash to my bank account can be found on my blog. I believe going through the blog will leave you beyond reasonable doubt that I mean business here.

    So what am I offering you?
    I have made enough cash cycling out of 6star and Iím still making cool cash on a daily basis so are my downlines, and the downline is booming with the speed almost equal to that of light, due to this fact I have been sharing my online fortune with my downlines and just thought it will be a good idea to give some lucky people the opportunity to benefit from my fortune sharing.

    Thus the next 5 people to request a link and register for 6star membership will get another slot FREE OF CHARGE.

    Request can be made by sending an email to [email protected] , by sending me a PM or by leaving a post on my blog 6StarTravelClub Oppurtunity

    This is the beginning of new things to come.

    Rush in and claim 1 of the five slots now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    Thanks for the Buy 1/Get 1 Free Feasy. I got a spot with Feasy no more than 2 weeks ago. Feasy's downline in 6Star is one of the fastest I have seen to date. I am happy I decided to come on board. Thanks for the opportunity Feasy.


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    Current Payouts

    We have sent off the current wires to the bank to be processed. If your withdrawal request has been marked 'Pending Investigation' it means that either that position was purchased with a credit card that has been charged back, or the earnings made were done so by the result of fraudulant positions pushing you through the boards.

    If you purchased your account with a credit card, you will need to provide us with proof that you are the card holder by scanning and emailing us the front of the credit card to [email protected].

    We of course will look into any challenges to our decison to investigate your account if you believe your payout was not earnt as a result of fraudulant positions pushing you through the boards.

    We will forward this onto our team who is currently investigating the origin of the fraudulant purchases to assess your case.


    We have an official 6 Star forum that will be operational within the next 48 hours for everyone to get up to the minute information.

    Senior Management Contact

    Darcy is now available for people to chat with on skype regarding any issue, his skype is darcytravel.

    He will keep his skype on all day, however we ask that members remain patient as he may not be able to reply instantly.

    He is also getting a cell phone exclusively for 6 Star Members to call on during a 3 - 4 hour period during week days, the times will be announced by the end of the week.

    He will be available to answer questions and take conference calls for those who do online promotions.

    Appointment of New Staff

    We are glad to announce the appointment of 2 new staff members to handle all of the custom travel report requests that are flooding in from members.

    They begin training tomorrow and will commence work on the 11th of Feb to assist all members in thier travel plans.

    Personal Apology

    "Hi to all 6 Star Members, I would like to personally apologize for upsetting the ***** cart with the last newsletter that went out regarding team builds. It referred to a specific group that left a lot of carnage for me to clean up and I let it get the better of me. I do believe team builds can be a good thing if lead by honest people. Three teams I know of that are reliable are those run by Steve Toluwase, 2x2team and the Phoenix Rising Team. If I have left anyone out I do apologise, these are three teams that I have personally worked with in the past and know to be honest. Regards Darcy"

    Plan A Changes

    Plan A has now been changed so that you can get jumped if you do not have any qualifiers. This is to create competition and to motivate those members who havent made any sales to do so.

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