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    Default $100 Free Guranteed!

    $100 just for signing up! $25 per referral And it's FREE!!! Hi! I just received this and thought what the heck! It costs NOTHING. Evidently the company PAYS YOU from advertisers! It's SO EASY you cannot fail!!! Just DO THIS and see what happens! Then send it to others that you know! Everyone WILL DO IT. Certainly worth a shot. You will not believe how easy it is but I am hoping that you will see as I did how much it will pay off. **YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS* **OF COURSE IT'S LEGAL!* **The COMPANY pays everyone* ** NO MONEY is paid from person to person ** THERE ARE NO reports to buy or read ** YOU don't have to SELL anything ** YOU get MONEY (100 bucks) RIGHT AWAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It doesn't cost you anything, so why not? THIS IS FREE - Get it? The cost to you is ZERO!!! I got $100 immediately and YES...I CHECKED MY ACCOUNT FIRST BEFORE I sent out this message! WOW...So will you when you sign up. (no strings attached). 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Make sure you get the Premiere or Business account. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When your address gets to the #1 position, you will have 27 people signed up under you! You only need 3 to make this work. Not bad, but it's ONLY the beginning. A short, (very short) time later, each of those 27 people will have 27 people under them...and so on and so on. After the 3rd Level is done you are IN THE MONEY! Rich Mail pays YOU for everyone that subscribes UNDER you...and it adds up fast! Although you see 3 positions on the list before adding your name as you've signed up, (you've already credited the 1st spot since you're still invisible on the list at this point), and that's why there are Actually 4 Cycles That Go 3 Levels Deep!!! Get It? A bit abstract to understand at 1st, but the Rock Solid Math Is Definitely There! ---------------------------------------------- Calculation of earnings:- YOU sign up = $100.00 First Level - 27 x $25 = $675.00 Second Level - 729 x $25 = $18,225.00 Third Level - 531441 x $25 = $13,286,025.00 You're total earnings - $13,305,025.00 for signing up 3. Not bad for 15 minutes work don't you agree? Cost to You: NOTHING but the 15 minutes to make this happen. Imagine what YOUR income would look like if everyone signed up 20 people instead of 3....MIND BLOWING!!! Here is the list:- #1)[email protected] #2)[email protected] #3)[email protected] My Email: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------ Now, copy, cut and paste this message and store it on your PC. Then go post this on as many message boards as you can. 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THEN YOU CAN KICK BACK ON "EASY STREET" AS THE NEXT MILLIONAIRE AND DO NOTHING BUT COUNT YOUR $$$ MONEY $$$ AS YOUR RESIDUAL INCOME CONTINUES TO ROLL IN NON-STOP!!! IMPORTANT! A word or caution: "IF YOU CHEAT, YOU LOSE." This must cycle through all 3 levels to work. Why not try it...just for the heck of it. You have nothing to lose, and a LOT of money to gain. Have fun on your road to Success and Prosperity and must BELIEVE in order to ACHIEVE. DON'T LET ANYONE STEAL YOUR DREAMS!!!

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