Simple and easy teambuild! One of the quickest to fill!

International Society could be one of the easiest teambuilds with a simple 2x6 matrix. That's only 126 total people to fill your downlines! And with those 126 people, you can make $75,442.00!!

* Very Low One-Time Entry Cost
* Break Even With 1 Referral
* No Admin Fees Ever
* Non-payers will be removed accordingly

Your Downline is built in a 2x6 Format
Level 1: 2 Members pay you $5 each = $10
Level 2: 4 members pay you $8 each = $32
Level 3: 8 members pay you $25 each = $200
Level 4: 16 members pay you $100 each = $1600
Level 5: 32 members pay you $300 each = $9600
Level 6: 64 members pay you $1000 each = $64000

Your Total Receipts = $75442

Even if you stop and only have 62 people in your downline you would still make a whopping $11442

Join now by clicking the link below!

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Or if you would like some information first or have any questions, please fill out this form located here and I will get back to you with all the details. Thanks!!

Lets get this going early so we can all make some money! This team build gets 2, joining under the NIL link. You can join under my link or fill out the questions form and I will send back to you another NIL link. Please be serious if you join and upgrade so we can all benefit from this teambuild. Working together we can all make money! There is also repeat registration if you would like, but not under yourself and you will need a different username for each account if you do this.

Best of luck!
Keith (klcurtis2003)