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    Default Benefactor pays for us in Quantum Leap 3 - DON'T MISS OUT

    Big news, folks.

    We have been blessed with a Benefactor in QuantumLeap x 3.

    Listen to the link below, only 6 minutes

    Woweee! I was on the Zayna Group call tonight, and I am excited!

    Zayna found a benefactor who will pay our way into NEW ADDITIONAL INCOME positions in his group. Your $49 entry cost will be paid FOR you. We are each responsible for the $15 per month cost until we are in profit. (Frankly, I am guessing we will ALL be in profit within 1 month....2 months at the very this matrix.) Only take one position unless you are SURE you will put 3 people under you (we will make that pretty easy for you) and are willing to pay $15 per month for each of four positions, until you are in profit. If you had to pay part of $60 one time ($15 x4), it will be sooooo well worth the cost in this matrix.

    The benefactor will be paying for everyone's spot, in order to fill his matrix down through the 14th level, where he will soon be earning $7 million per month. He'll pay for you. He'll pay for the people under you and under them. If he's earning $7 million per month, how much will YOU be earning?

    Do NOT abandon your first position(s) in the main matrix. This new offer is EXTRA and ADDITIONAL. It will simply multiply your earnings. BOTH matrices will begin to grow very quickly now.

    Zayna will also be advertising QLx3, ROS and My525Car several times a day to HIGHLY qualified ($25 value) leads. People will contact Zayna, ASKING to be in one of these programs. She will turn the leads over to us. I will distribute the leads to those in my group who commit to calling these leads and inviting them into the program they are asking to join.

    EVERYONE should easily get 3 referrals under each spot, if you're willing to make that happen. We will be GIVEN these leads....people who WANT to join. All we have to do is invite them in and share a little information with them. They can join BOTH matrices (our original QLx3 matrix AND the benefactor list, if they like, to multiply their income for the same work and little more cost.) Zayna will be supplying us with a sample phone script.

    We will be able to invite others into this matrix AFTER our current group has been entered. Your $15 payments will come out of profit (not out of pocket)when your frontline is filled....3 paid members. I am guessing that EVERYONE in our group in QLx3 will want to take advantage of these benefactored spots. Why would anyone NOT want to do this???? Please let me know if you do NOT want a new pre-paid position in this matrix.

    Here is what you do to get positioned by the benefactor into QLx3

    Send an email to me and Zayna ([email protected]) with BENEFACTOR in the Subject line, with the following info in the body of the e-mail:

    1. Your name
    2. Your username in QLx3 in the current Zayna group
    3. Your QLx3 sponsor's name and username. Sign into your QLx3 back room and make sure you have this correct
    4. What is your new username? (example: hightidesb1, hightidesb2, hightidesb3, hightidesb4) I added "b1" and "b2" etc. after my regular QLx3 username, to designate the benefactor matrix. You may want to do the same, or you may want to continue your numbering from your current QLx3 positions (hightides5, hightides6, etc.)
    5. Your ebullion account number

    If you are sponsored by High Tide, Lighted Way, Aurora Marketing or Karen Boone, send an e-mail to [email protected] with NEED BENEFACTOR QLX3 LINK in the Subject line.

    Or just click here: mailto:[email protected]?subject=NEED_BENEFACTOR_QLX 3_LINK

    I am already in this matrix, and am ready to place you.

    Please put in the body of the e-mail whether you are willing to call leads who have expressed an interest in joining QLx3. If you call them, you will become their sponsor, and will earn matching bonuses and some coded bonuses on them. I HIGHLY recommend this. If you are uncomfortable, it's a good time and way to learn how to do it. We will be shown how to do it.

    I will send you the link for you to sign up. You can then take your other 3 positions, if you want them, and then share your link(s) with your current QLx3 downline, so they can enter into this new matrix under you. IMPORTANT: DO NOT PAY. YOU NEED TO SIGN UP AND STAY A FREE MEMBER FOR NOW for this to work. If you upgrade too early, you will not end up inside the matrix. NO ONE is upgraded in this matrix yet....not even the benefactor.
    Here is the entire Zayna Group Conference call Player

    Everlasting and Evergrowing Abundance to You!
    [email protected]

    You will need a link to QLx3:

    Don't miss out,

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    Got this form a friend - he is subscribed to a private list.

    URGENT - Quantum Leap - QLx3 is for real.

    I just got off the phone with one of the owners of QLx3. A long and very interesting call. There are many things I cannot tell you. You can find these out by being on the conference call on Thursday night at 9PM Eastern time. You can use Skype - internet calls - download Skype free now - free calls - official website, the skype-out feature, to make a cheap teleconference call. That's what I use for conference calls and it is 2 cents a minute from Mexico to get on the call.
    BUT. No freebie members will be allowed on the call. You will have to sign up for both QLx3 ($49) as well as Affinity Group ($50) to be given the phone number and pinn number for the call. The call information will be located inside the Affinity Group link on your QLx3 site after you login in your back office. Don't email me asking for it as I cannot give it to you. You have to login to your site to get it. The blurb circulating (including in my last newsletter) that states the credit union will NOT be covered by Lloyd's of London is false. Lloyd's WILL insure the deposits AFTER the credit union is fully papered, credentialed, doing business; however you want to state it. This WILL be an opportunity to make 22%/month on your investment money. BUT, this is limited, at least initially, to only 3000 members and to date there are about 1800 members already signed up. After tomorrow night's call, these remaining positions will be gone very fast as the word spreads quickly. Based on today's call with one of the owners, this is a place where you should drop $99 immediately and go sign up if you haven't already done so . 22%/mo (1%/day for 22 business days a month) is not normal to be real and the owner confided with me several other places that are real that pay more than that and talked about the long association with the person responsible for doing the investing for the credit union here. I know both QLx3 as well as Fusionats ( fusionats ) are new and untested. I have inside info on both programs now (my immediate upline feeds me everything he gets from the owner of Fusionats whom he is in direct contact with on a daily basis) and my gut feeling is that both of these are going to be very good for us. My interest is always for the guy who has no downline. How will HE fare? All the "how much we will make from our downline" simply doesn't interest me. The program has to stand on it's own without all the matrix BS for the guy who just puts his money in and wants interest on it, like our PTE program. I think BOTH of these will do that, but as of today based upon MY understanding of how each program will work, that will lie in the 8% -12%/mo range for Fusionats as my best guess, and 22%/mo for QLx3. Both figures are good figures. Ask your bank to do that.

    Here's the info I originally received on QLx3:

    Hi *****,
    I hope you're ready to make a quantum leap in 2007! Let me introduce you to 'The Quantum leap Network'. It's a program built around a social
    networking group like Myspace but with the option to earn a very
    attractive income in as little as 19 months (Retirement type income) I have to admit, I wasn't impressed at first sight (Mainly due to my aversion to anything matrix driven) However, this isn't the income that we would be
    after. While membership to Quantum is free, upgrading to paid status
    allows you to have access to their affiliated partnership with Affinity Group. This organization will have all the systems in place for
    us to earn 1% a day compounded (fror 22 business days a month) AND
    we will have the option to withdraw a portion or all of our accumulated funds WHILE we continue to earn interest on that borrowed money! This is extremely powerful not only can it enable folks to buy homes, cars etc. With their funds (Regardless of credit worthiness since your account is your collateral) but one can quickly build a secure net worth in a short period of time starting with $1,000 due to the compounding power.

    For example, a $1000 deposit earning 1% compounded daily - 5 days a week (22 days a month). In approximately 21 months, you would have $100,000. At that point you could withdraw an average of $1000/day and never touch your insured deposit or take out less and let it grow. A comforting addition is that all deposits WILL BE insured by Lloyds of London.

    This is definitely something you should take into serious consideration
    for the long term. There's a recorded call that goes into more detail,
    so make sure you have an hour to listen to EVRYTHING on this call and
    then sign up for free and upgrade as soon as you're able. You don't have
    to deposit anywhere near $1,000 at this moment, but join now to make sure you have access to the Oxford Group later (Yearly fee is 50% off to upgraded members, so it's $50 instead of $100) which is important since it's currently capped at 3,000 members. Once you have access to this opportunity, you can then decide your level of participation as more details are presented to you.

    and don't forget - we have the benefactor - any Qs - post here or PM me
    Take care,

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    Sorry if I forgot to mention this:
    anyone can join QLx3 (QuantumLeapx3) for free.

    And - you don't HAVE to have the Benefactor pay $49 for you.
    I am doing it because I (invested more than I could afford to lose and) have no money to invest right now.
    But not only that.
    The opportunity came from my friends - I know their hearts are big and I really want them to succeed.
    Yes, this is something i really want - to help my friends and the Benefactor.
    Can I ask you to help me do that?
    Please come and join us in Quantum Leap:


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