this program has been running for 11 days now they just switched over to a new server and will have there own server in 3 days. the program is ran by mmg member ConsultantsCircle hes trusted and knowin well on mmg. the program pays 210% over 20 days and the plan is designed to keep hit and runners away mean on the first day the maximum you can deposit is $100 then on day 2 the maximum is $200 and on day 3 the maximum is $300 and so on up untill day 20 where the max would be $2000 the interest is paid daily and you can withdraw daily..there are also referral commissions 12% and each deposit you make earns interest if you make 4 different deposits each one earns 210%. i have posted this in the advertise section so if your interested it be great if you would make your way over and click the link to join or you can always just click it from my sig..also here are the stats up untill now..if you have any questions please ask i will do my best to answer you thank you

Running Days - 11
Total Members - 1007
Active Members - 505
Total Deposits - $59472.75
Active Deposits - $59472.75
Total Withdraw - $7267.39
you must be active meaning when you join you have to deposit a minimum of $1 or the maximum which for day 1 is $100. once you join and make your deposit post here or pm me your id number and name so i can make sure you are active and i will right away send you $1 to egold only!.