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What can I do with SimURL?
Take a long URL (i.e. http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp...ry=&searchtype
=address&cat=&address=1600%20Pennsylvania%20Ave%20 Nw&city=Washington&state=DC&zipcode=&search=%20%2 0
and make it into a shorter URL (i.e. http://simurl.com/za)
Then track it for free with SimURL+.

How do I create a SimURL?
Simply paste any long URL in the input box below and you'll instantly get a shorter URL that will not break in your email / instant messenger or can be used to hide your email address from spammers.
Your SimURL will never expire and it's free.

Add SimURL to your toolbar.
To instantly create a SimURL of any page that you are visiting, simply click and drag this SimURL link on to your browser's links toolbar.

What's SimURL+?
SimURL+ adds extra features to SimURL and it's free! In addition to making a shorter URL, SimURL+ allows you to track how many times each SimURL you create has been clicked. You also have the option of customizing your SimURL. Take 30 seconds to set up your free SimURL+ account so you can access your stats.

Add the SimURL input box to your site.
To create a SimURL input box, simply paste the following code to your web page...

For more information, visit

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