The best signal provider for trading cryptocurrencies is yourself. However I do understand that for beginner traders and people without enough time to pour over graphs, charts and data every day, that using a signal provider can be beneficial(especially if theyíre profitable)

Learn also about lucrotrade here to know more about crypto-trading signal.

Personally I recommend Silver Stone Crypto, so many groups use telegram to delete messages and only post winning trades to coax people in to giving them money, however Silver Stone Crypto are different. Their analysts have over 50+ years of combined experience in trading financial markets, and a large majority of them have been in crypto since the beginning.

They trade on binance, providing up to 3Ė5 signals per week for free members, they do have a V.I.P channel, but it only costs $19.99/month(which isnít much considering you get other things such as Coin/ICO of the week recommendations, daily market analysis and the ability to re-sell their signals)

I havenít looked back since I signed up, check out their free telegram channel first to see if you like their style, and then if you want to upgrade they offer a 1 month FREE trial of their V.I.P service. Upon signing up earlier this year Iím up over 70%(despite crypto crashing and being in a bear market).

Not all trades win and some do hit the stop loss, but thatís just the cryptocurrency markets, highly volatile and immature unlike stocks/forex. The best part is is that Silver Stone Crypto donít try to hide it and delete the messages like a lot of crypto telegram channels do. Thereís a lot of potential for cryptocurrency as you probably already know so itís great to be able to trade it! Hopefully Iíll see you in the Silver Stone Crypto V.I.P Channel!