Well, i am professional trader in market last 11 years. I have experienced lot of NFA brokers 2010 times , lot of FCA brokers CYSEC etc , and nowadays i was looking for alternative to my current brokerage company that dissapoints me. So Octafx i see banners everywhere Ultra fast executions low spreads, no fees etc , so i thought its worth to try. Unregulated broker FCA regulation pending , no bank wire transfer ...but ok i decided to open account and try ..

So my experience with them : Opened account , verified , funded 10 000 euros via neteller ( they offer only neteller and skrill , so ok i like e wallets quick and fast) On wednesday last week i opened few lots to test execution spreads, slippage, all conditions during vaiorus markets condtions. I earned around 600 euros. Looks good seems that trading conditions for new clients are good , lets test withdrawal speed ( very important for me). So i asked withdrawal via neteller.

I have written to their live chat and they told me this will be processed within 2-3 hours. Well i said fine quick , they are behaving at least to new clients very good , market conditions great, withdrawal speed fast fine ,

but suddenly after 3 hours i received e-mail that not enough money in my account ...they decided to deduct 390 euros (3,9% from my account ) as neteller deposit fee. They were claiming i havent traded enough lots that they are able to cover my fee :) What a joke ...i experienced FCA brokers and dont even Cysec brokers when they say its free than its free , but this guys just charge fee, but ok checked their trading conditions and there is written they have right to do so so what they claim " 0% deposit fees " is not entirely true. They said me that its individual decission and they can decide anytime to charge feee..

Ok so first disapointment, but understandable neteller charge fees ok , i was trying to discuss with them so they offered me if i make aditional 10 standard lots they will refund this fee and everything will be fine. Considered good trading enviroment ok lets make 10 lots to be able to withdrawal and finally test speed of withdrawal.

After aditional 2 standard lots trader real schock and confusion comes :D after 600 euros earned and new client account opened for a week when i clicked on every price on EUR USD , they set to my account standard slippage around 3,5pips to open and close So it means when i opened order i got aditional slippage to spread 3,5 pips so each position costs me like 4 pips open and 4 pips close : ) without trading ...well i must say what a behaviour to new clients i havent seen for some years , no ECN only standard bucketshop with MT4 autodealer , if they were regualated even in Malta or Cyprus they cant do this stupid things ....

I understand now why FCA regulation is pending most than year ..this is not possible in regulated Forex world, yes its possible but when someone deposit 10 000 euros and make profits another 100% so they can put me like this ..but this is shame ...

I am giving them 1 star only for that they withdrawed my deposit back to neteller of course they charged their fee because with 8 pips cost of each position , 10 lots that i need to make to be free is suicide :)

well, dont even think to open account here , if you will start earning they will use MT4 auto dealer to STOP you :)