Have you ever wanted to start your own online store? do you dream of financial independence? Running your own store is difficult and most people struggle to get enough traffic to make money. Listing products on the more popular mainstream marketplaces is a better choice for many retailers; but comes with its own challenges. If you don't want to spend hours maintaining your storefronts each day you'll need to find a creative solution and that's what the Low Hanging System is.


The Low Hanging System is a special training course about the new way to make thousands of dollars with GearBubble products. You can put these products up on Amazon and other giant searchable marketplaces, runs no ads to them, and they sell. It's pretty crazy really.
The vendor even uses an APP to create 9 out of 10 of the designs that she sells. So she has zero design costs. ✓ ZERO design Costs ✓ ZERO Ad Costs ✓ DAILY Sales.
And the coolest part is she has barely spent any time on this. Maybe like 10 hours. She did most of it in her spare time and just outsourced it all to VA now so it all runs passively.
This is something anyone can do and I've been watching it work right in front of me every day for a while. I even started trying it myself, I'm already getting sales with no ad costs on things I already had laying around. Even some of my designs that flopped with PPC still work with this. So if you have a bunch of designs laying around, you're sitting on a goldmine with this. If you don't, that app and Rachel's strategies are going to make your life a whole lot better because you won't have design costs and her top sellers were actually made with an app.


Welcome: About the course The process: The overall process, This is a bird's eye overview of the whole process
Step 1: Find proven concepts This video will help you find great concepts: What niche should you make design in? wondering what niche you should enter? Step 2: Make a great design how to make simple, great design easily
Step 3: How to Launch on UseGearBubble
Step 4: How to find the best keyword
Step 5: Listing a product on Amazon, Amazon SEO Tips: How to get more people to see you How to get more reviews How to make discounted or free codes How to set up sponsored Ads Sending items to Amazon prime Setting up your seller central account Step 6: List on other sites + how to post automatically Listing a product on Etsy: Etsy best Practices Listing a product on eBay: eBay Best Practices Using Shopify + the best apps to download Step 7: How to process your order How to keep momentum andscale up Scale up Wrapping up Case Studies: Easy pillow cases sales Recycling one design for many sales

- Capitalize off trends
- Sales from stock photos