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again, Mr. Dan Atkinson delivered on all levels. It just doesn''t get more exciting than this folks. As usual Dan spoke from the heart and not formed opinion, but from experience. There is a saying that sums it up for him·

You have to have your heart in the business and the business in your heart·

Real experience doesn't come from reading about it, or talking about it, it comes from taking action and taking chances·what style of leadership are you looking for to help and guide you in this industry? With something this fantastic on the horizon, eefuel and management team can and will make a difference, not only for those that care to help others and themselves, but the entire planet.. The old adage truly applies here·Teamwork makes the Dream work! So invite everyone you know to the call tomorrow night, same number, same time, with the same great presenters. Be there!

6pm PST / 9PM EST· Wednesday, April 23, 2008.

Dan, being the true leader he is with phenomenal communication skills, has a unique desire to empower others to achieve greatness. Add a state of the art product (eefuel) which has 25 years of dedicated research and development, and a compensation model second to none·you have, simply put the opportunity many have been longing for. Stay tuned for more great news and events as
this awesome program rolls out for you.

Note: Our informational portal will be updated regularly in the coming days with compensation plan rules etc, so be sure to look

at your eefuel website NanoTech Fuel, Inc. :: x for these updates and future call schedules.

Dial in number: 347- 534 -1701

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Time: 9PM EST