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Thread: FusionATS

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    Default FusionATS

    I have something you need to look at and act quickly on. There is new passive capital management service coming soon that not only offers wonderful returns and a real chance for everyone to make money and retire early and potentially wealthy but offer a very lucrative business opportunity.

    And for a limited time they are running a silent founders only launch, and are only accepting 200 people.. and from what I understand those 200 positions are filling fast and will be gone this week!
    • This is NOT a HYIP, or a Surf
    • This is a Forex Managed Account service with a Actual 10 year Funds manager
    • You DO NOT give money to the manager
    • You open your own account with a US regulated broker
    • ONLY YOU has access to your funds

    This service has been in development for close to 1 year and is finally ready. The funds manager opened a Account June 9th '06 for the sole purpose of allowing potential investors to keep track of the progression.

    Since the opening of this account $15,000 He has taken the account to over $253,000 in just 8 months with a average monthly equity gain of close to 50%. A low month of 9% and a High month of 85%
    My understanding of the trade method is, It eliminates much the risks involved with trading and investing in any financial market. This method not only had those incredible gains but only had 1 losing week and the lose was only a fraction of a % (like $200 on a $85,000)

    These guys goal is to consistently Triple their clients money on a annual basis, which they say is being extremely conservative with clients funds.

    Now here is something so exciting .. Most capital management service have a minimum of $10,000 to $50,000 to open a account. And many times charge HUGE fees on accounts less then $25,000

    With this they are offering for a limited time a trial account of just $500 to see the results for yourself!

    If you are not 100% blown away by this after a few months you can simply withdraw your account. There is virtually NO RISK to see if this is the one you've been waiting for!

    For Full Details you can check out my site below.


    But before you do there is more, a lot more and it is undoubtedly one of the biggest income streams I have ever seen!

    This Managed account service has negotiated a contract with the broker to create a Introducing broker Network tied to this managed account service.

    Where you will actually have the ability to earn a percentage of the spread the broker charges on every client you refer and a % of all profits they earn. What's more.. If you refer a new Agent to the program you will earn override bonuses on every client they introduce.

    Guys this is something! Imagine a opportunity where Attrition did not exist, Where there is no downlines to worry about, Where a single referral today could potentially be worth 4 or 5 figures monthly in a few short years! JUST 1 Referral Could be worth thousands monthly!

    A example is, In January The funds manager made $98,000, If you had referred him you would have made well over $10,000 and if a agent you referred referred him you would have made well over $2,500, from just 1 referral!


    Plus there are More income streams as well!

    Get this.. Right now they are holding the founders only launch for just 200 people. Founders will be able to make a % all ALL company profits through 3 Infinity Bonus Pool!

    When they go live, Other Agents will not even know these pools exist, so as a founder we basically have no competition in these pools, or I should say, with a limited number of people allowed this makes the pools MEGA profitable!

    Take a look at my site, join free and have a look around. If you Choose to become a founder you can simply click on your account and click upgrade and become a founder. And get this, for only $99 one time with no monthly fees!

    When this goes live, Agents will pay $195 and $25 monthly!

    Just Ordinary People Making Extraordinary Money!

    Go ahead , your new life is waiting for you at..

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    Smile Send me more information !


    FusionATS page not open ? Can you send me more information pm or e-mail [email protected] ?


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