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Thread: A question:

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    Default A question:

    I am concerned about something. I understood Bryan to say that any forum that opened for PIPs members was not to have any reference to PIPS in it. I realize I am using the forbidden term, but need to get my point across. I am glad to an a forum, but am worried that we will be "expelled" if we use references to the company.

    Did Bryan give permission since it is a closed forum?

    Just wondering..................

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    No reference to PIPS? When did he say that?

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    To hzchoice,

    Referring *P-Sys* in any context is best viewed, read and applied as Pi Inc when it is only referred as an entity, NO MORE!

    But how does one maitain that posture without being caught in a "usage battle" as a controversial reference albeit from BM himself or PI Inc or that of the "other side" that BM warns us about?

    Bottomline is, BM in viewing the widest extent possible, in circumventing any legal loopholes that may be twisted and used, against BM and *P-Sys*, is to avoid explicit description i.e. as the way the entity is spelled and registered with the commercial registrar.

    Pathetic Institute Providing Sanity or Poorest In Payout Standards or Porridge Including *Pot* Sausages.... some examples as PIPS in abbreviated form seems completely remote to what we all understand *P-Sys* function as such but it is safer NOT to apply these 4 letters when exchanging thoughts or views within high yield related Forums...because there is only one *P-Sys* that BM is part if not, the founder of....

    So, better NOT to be explicit in the first place.


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